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Our Catering


Our catering services are built to fit your needs! We offer everything from sandwiches, salads and sides to handheld charcuterie cones and full scale catered meals. Contact us today to speak with our Catering Manager. click here to order through EZ-Cater.

Lunch Boxes 

$12 each

6” sandwich

Your choice of one meat and one cheese, all the veggies on top, and mayo and mustard on the side 

Bag of chips
Small water bottle

Sandwich Trays

$12 per sandwich

Choose from:
Your choice of one meat and one cheese
Your choice of bread

Can be cut in halves or thirds

Caravan Sandwiches

$19 a roll (9 slices in each)

Choose from:
Your choice of one meat and one cheese
Your choice of spread: cream cheese, hummus, mayo

Meat and Cheese Tray


Serves 12-16 people

4 types of meat
2 kinds of cheese
Pickles or Olives as garnish

Additional charge for Max’s Bread: approx $.50-1.00 per person depending on the bread choice


$3 per person

Broccoli Salad 
Green Salad  (2 dressings)
Pasta Salad 
Macaroni Salad 
Vermicelli Salad 
Red Potato Salad
Original Potato Salad

Charcuterie Cups

$8 each


Mixed nuts, prosciutto, salami, cubed cheese, cornichons, olives, rosemary sprig, crackers/breadsticks


Mixed nuts, cubed cheese, cornichons, green olives, kalamata olives, crackers/breadsticks, marinated artichokes, rosemary sprig, roasted red peppers

Charcuterie Boards

Small- serves 4-6 grazers  $60
Medium- serves 6-8 grazers $70
Large- serves 8-10 grazers $80
X-Large- serves 10-15 grazers $90

Ask about larger boards or our grazing table prices

Vegetable Tray

8-10 ppl $25 

10-15ppl $30

15-20ppl $35

Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, bell pepper bowl with dressing

Relish Tray

Please inquire about pricing

Marinated olives, marinated artichokes, pickles- chips/spears, cornichons, wax peppers, other variety of marinated items

Tea Sandwiches

$10 per person

An assortment of 3 tea sandwiches:
Egg salad
Ham and cheese
Cucumber and cream cheese


Ask us about personalized dessert options

We specialize in a variety of bread puddings, fruit pies, cookies and more!

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